Salary Grade or Classification Determination

As a new job is created or as the duties of an existing job are changed, arrangements need to be made for a representative from Human Resources Management to conduct a job study. A job study is an analytical process that Mississippi State University uses to determine the job's appropriate classification. The outcome of a job study includes:

  • A formalized job description, and
  • The recommended job grade or classification, based on the evaluation

Job Study Procedures

Evaluations of staff positions are made using a web-based evaluation system. This system creates accurate and meaningful comparisons between one university job and another, and additionally provides meaningful comparisons between jobs within other organizations in our recruiting areas. Jobs are analyzed based on what each position requires in:

  • Know-How – or the knowledge and skills that are necessary for acceptable job performance
  • Problem-Solving – or the analysis of the thinking challenge and the thinking environment of a job; and
  • Accountability – or the answerability for an action and the consequences of that action

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the basis of all job classifications. Human Resources Management prepares job descriptions through use of questionnaires and interviews. The job description:

  • Outlines the job’s key duties, responsibilities and essential functions
  • Clarifies the position’s reporting chain
  • Documents the salary grade or classification of the position, and
  • Provides a document of common understanding about the job between supervisor and employee

Changes to Job Descriptions

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that each job description is current and complete. Significant permanent changes in job descriptions should be communicated immediately to Human Resources Management, in order to make any necessary revisions.