Compensation Structure

Job Grades

The University utilizes a salary structure that establishes a salary range for each regular staff position within the salary structure. Each position receives a job grade.

Each job grade has a salary range with a minimum, a midpoint, and maximum. For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

  • The minimum range of the salary grade is the competitive salary for employees who meet the minimum qualifications for the job;
  • The midpoint of the range is the mathematical midpoint of the competitive salary range; and
  • The top of the range is the highest competitive pay rate in a particular job grade. An employee whose salary has reached or exceeded the top of the range may only receive an annual adjustment in salary based on merit up to the average percentage available to all staff employees on a University-wide basis.


Mississippi State University’s entire administrative and management team is responsible for the implementation and administration of the compensation program, including salary administration and job evaluation.

  • Human Resources Management is responsible from a University-wide perspective for developing, managing, and communicating the guidelines, and structure of the compensation program;
  • The President, Provost and Executive Vice President, each Vice President, and the Athletic Director are responsible for implementing and informing employees within their division about the compensation program;
  • Prior to the beginning of each odd-numbered fiscal year, or as requested by the President, Human Resources Management will make recommendations to the President’s Council regarding the salary structure and the competitiveness of staff salaries within the University. Recommendations will be based on the following:
    • Salaries shall be compared to the external market place, applying published market data surveys used to establish rates for specific types of work from the area in which we compete;
    • Market analysis, using a sample of University jobs (benchmark jobs); Pay for comparable benchmark universities;
    • Availability of funds.

The President shall be responsible for revising the salary structure based on the recommendations of Human Resources Management and the President’s Council.