Job Evaluation

Mississippi State University recognizes that staff positions may change in work content or responsibilities. Therefore, a position may be evaluated for reclassification when there has been a significant change in required job skills or responsibilities.

Procedure for Job Evaluation - New or Existing Postions

  • A request to establish a new staff position or to evaluate an existing staff position shall be initiated by the division, department, or unit head by contacting your Human Resources Business Partner.
  • The employee, in conjunction with the supervisor, prepares the MSU Job Description Questionnaire, detailing all duties and responsibilities.
  • The supervisor will submit the following, along with the MSU Job Description Questionnaire:  current and proposed organizational chart and cover memorandum, outlining the reasons for the reclassification request, identifying how the job has changed, and describing specific tasks that are considered beyond the scope of the current title.
  • Human Resources Management will conduct a job study and/or evaluate the job. This process may include interviews with the employee and/or the supervisor.
  • HRM will review, approve, and communicate the results of the job evaluation in terms of title and\or salary grade to the applicable Dean/Director/Department Head.
  • Human Resource Management’s assignment of title and/or salary grade will be approved for implementation in the same manner as recommendations for new hires.