Salary Administration

New Hires

Starting salary for new hires shall be determined as follows:

  • The hiring official shall review the prospective employee’s relevant education, length of related experience, and knowledge and skills.
  • The hiring official (Dean, Director, or Department Head) may approve the salary of the new hire between the minimum and midpoint of the salary range without additional approvals or written justification.
  • For salaries above the midpoint, the hiring official shall propose a salary and provide justification to Human Resources Management, who will review the recommendation and will either approve it or write an explanation of why an alternative is recommended. The recommendations of the hiring official and Human Resources Management shall be provided to the Provost and Executive Vice President, the Vice President, the Athletic Director, or the President for the employees or departments who report directly to the President. The decision shall be made by that individual. Justification for the decision along with the recommendations must be submitted with the hiring paperwork and will be maintained in the new employee’s personnel file.
  • No salary above the maximum of the range shall be approved without approval of the President. A recommendation by Human Resources Management accompanied by an endorsement by the Provost and Executive Vice President, Vice President, or Athletic Director is required prior to submission to the President for approval. For employees or departments that report directly to the President, Human Resources Management shall submit a recommendation directly to the President.
  • If an employee in a position that is not in the staff job grade classification structure applies for and is hired into a regular staff position, the salary shall be based on new hire guidelines for regular staff employees.