Meetings, Activities and Calendars

ARF holds up to four General Membership meetings each year: late March to early April; late June to early July; late September to early October; and late November to early December. Each meeting is complete with an agenda, a program of interest to ARF members, and an accompanying Executive Committee meeting.

The late November/early December meeting is always an Awards/Christmas Banquet, with Spouses invited. It is a luncheon hosted by the MSU President. The MSU President usually gives an Overview of current MSU Activities, such as building projects, new programs, or issues. For some reason, this meeting is well-attended!

Currently, there are 4-5 Student awards presented (see Student Awards Presented by ARF, above). These awards are given to the most outstanding students in specific academic areas associated with each award. The first 4 awards honor the memory of former ARF members who made particularly significant contributions to MSU; the (fifth) ARF Exemplary Service award usually honors a current ARF member, and is given to a student in the honored ARF members’ former department. This award is given on an ad hoc basis. Special guests are invited, including spouses of deceased members. Entertainment at the banquet usually features talented singers and musicians, a Christmas sing-a-long, and sometimes visits from Santa’s Elf and even Santa!

 ARF speakers include senior MSU officials or others of great interest to our group. Since ARF was formed in 1986, all MSU Presidents have spoken at ARF meetings, as well as many Vice Presidents, Deans and others of great talent and character. We usually get the MSU President to present current MSU activities annually. For the last 6 years (2019) President Keenum has spoken at all the June-July meetings. In addition to MSU items of interest, we have held meetings on Retirement Benefits (PERS), Experimental Aircraft, Horticulture, MSU History, Health issues such as Medical Insurance and Physical Fitness, Elder Hostel, Road Scholars and a plethora of others.

Meeting venues are usually chosen by the type of meeting. We usually meet on campus. Occasionally, meetings are held off campus. When that happens, car-pooling is available. We usually hold meetings in a building that is inexpensive (to help keep dues low!). Provisions for parking are usually made for those who no longer have MSU decals. Our “old faithful” is Bost Extension Center for regular meetings and for our Banquet.

Each year, ARF does special projects to support our community. For several years now, we have supported The Salvation Army by donating both our time and our money. We also support Habitat for Humanity.


ARF General Calendar of Events

Late Winter-Early Spring General Membership Meeting


Executive Committee Meeting: Nominating committee selected; ARF President appoints Audit committee. Vice President is responsible for program.

Spring-Summer General Membership Meeting


  • Executive Committee Meeting.
  • ARF new Fiscal Year begins July 1.
  • June-July General Membership meeting: Election of new officers and directors; Publicity, Membership, Awards, and Website Committees are appointed by ARF President.
  • The MSU President or his/her representative is usually our speaker.
  • ARF annual dues are payable.

Fall General Membership Meeting


  • Executive Committee meeting/Fall General Membership Meeting.
  • Begin preparations for Christmas banquet. ARF VP should reserve banquet room, and plan menu, entertainment, etc. for our Christmas banquet. VP is also responsible for Fall program.
  • Awards committee should begin planning for student awards.


  • Announcements, invitations, and other preparations for Christmas banquet.

Christmas Program


  • ARF hosts a Christmas program with student awards, special guests, and entertainment. Pictures and publicity for the banquet should be done.


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