How do I join ARF

How to Join the MSU Association of Retired Faculty

Here is a quote from the ARF Bylaws: “Membership shall be composed of retired members of the General Faculty, as defined by the Faculty Handbook, who were professionals in academic, research, extension, or clinical areas, with appropriate ranks at Mississippi State University, and pay dues.”  

ARF makes a special effort to contact those who are eligible to join, but sometimes we miss a person who wants to join or (current members) pay dues. To discuss joining ARF, contact any ARF member. Dues are paid to our Treasurer (all ARF members owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Joe Street, who served as Treasurer during the 2-year Pandemic when ARF did not meet). To get an idea of what ARF is like, return to the ARF Menu, and choose ARF Activities.

ARF Dues are currently only $25 per year. Most of ARF dues are used for cash Awards (currently $500 each) given each year to 4 (and sometimes 5) MSU Students who demonstrate Academic Excellence. When banquets or other special meetings are held, there are appropriate fees assessed to members who attend, to cover food and other costs of the event.

The current ARF Treasurer is Wally Killcreas. His E-Mail Address is:  His post office Address is 404 West Main Street, Starkville, MS 39759. ARF is 37 years old in 2022-2023! It’s YOUR year to join! To join, e-mail or snail mail (checks only, so you’ll have a receipt) Wally today!


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