Advertising Procedure

Advertising Procedure

All paid or unpaid advertisements that are placed in sources external to the MSU Career Site, whether faculty or staff, must follow these guidelines.

  1. Determine where the advertisement will be placed. These can be paid or unpaid.
  2. Develop an advertisement.
  • Job description should be used as the basis for development of the advertisement.
  • The advertisement may include the title of the position, a description of the major responsibilities, required qualifications, and any preferred qualifications, application deadline date, instructions for applying, and the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity statement.
  • Advertisements may be placed as a pointer ad to include a brief description of the job and refer the reader to the appropriate Mississippi State University website for the full-text version of the position announcement and job posting. Please note that tenure-track faculty national print advertisements must not be pointer advertisements.
  • For tenure-track faculty positions*, please follow these guidelines:
    • Electronic or web-based journal’s job listings must be viewable to the public without payment of subscription and/or membership charges.
    • Advertisement for the job opportunity must be posted for at least 30 calendar days on the journal’s website.
    • Documentation of the placement of the advertisement in a print, electronic, or web-based national professional journal must include evidence of the start and end dates of the advertisement placement and the text of the advertisement.

      3.  The procurement card is the preferred method of payment; however, payment may be paid through a BANNER requisition.

  • Send email to your HRM Generalist for approval. Email should include BANNER requisition number (if applicable), name of publication, related PARF number, and attached advertisement.
  • Please note that the approval from your HRM Generalist, if using the procurement card, must be placed with the receipt.

      4.  Place the advertisement. The department is responsible for verification of the advertisement.

*Please note that tenure-track positions must be advertised in a national professional journal.  An electronic or web-based national professional journal may be used.