Educational Achievement

The University grants an increase in annual salary, subject to the availability of funds, to employees who become certified by a recognized and accredited certification program, or who earn an associate's, bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree. This certification or degree must be in an academic discipline that is relevant and related to the employee's current position and should enhance the employee's ability to perform the duties of that position. If the completion of certification or degree is a condition of employment, employees are ineligible for additional compensation. In addition, employees must be in good standing with the University, indicated by an overall rating of "satisfactory" or above on the employee's most recent written performance appraisal. Should the employee be unable to maintain certification, the original award will be discontinued.

A request to increase an employee's salary based upon certification or an earned degree will adhere to the schedule below, unless approved by HRM. Such requests will include an Educational Achievement Request Form and an official transcript* or documentation indicating the date and type of certification. These documents must be initiated and signed by the employee's supervisor through the employee's chain of command. The final signature must be the highest level of authority in the chain of command (i.e., President, Provost & Executive Vice President, Vice President, Athletic Director, etc.) All such salary increases will be effective at the beginning of the fiscal year immediately following the award of the certification or degree.

*An official transcript is an original transcript issued to the department or other responsible party (such as a search committee) with the appropriate seal and/or signature of the school Registrar. Transcripts will not be accepted if they are duplicated, faxed, or marked "Unofficial" or "Issued to Student".

Procedure will be given in the budget instructions for entering the appropriate increase. Employment Action Forms should only be sent to HRM in the event that the increase was not entered into the budget module.

Type of Degree/Certification Amount
Certification/Licensure $400/yr.
Associate's Degree $500/yr.
Bachelor's Degree $1000/yr.
CPA / PE / Architecture License $1300/yr.
Master's Degree $1500/yr.
Doctoral Degree $2750/yr.