Progressive Discipline Process Chart

Informal Processes

Coaching and Counseling

  • Informal Discussions
  • Positive Contact – recognition of accomplishments/efforts

Formal Processes

If problems with performance can't be resolved informally after coaching and counseling, there is a formal disciplinary process that has three steps.

Note: In certain situations, administrative approval may be obtained to place an employee on administrative leave with pay until a decision is made concerning the appropriate response and/or corrective action.

Step 1: ORAL REMINDER The oral reminder is a conversation between the supervisor and employee. During this meeting, the problem is identified along with performance expectations. At this time, the employee is asked to make a commitment to resolve the problem.

Step 2: WRITTEN REMINDER If the employee fails to meet the commitment given in the oral reminder meeting, the supervisor and employee meet again to discuss why the performance objective has not been met. The supervisor summarizes the conversation in a written memo to be signed by both parties. A copy is given to the employee and the original is placed in the personnel file with HRM.

Step 3: SUSPENSION If the employee has failed to correct the problem as agreed to in the written reminder meeting, the supervisor and the employee meet to discuss the situation. After the conversation, the employee may be placed on disciplinary suspension without pay for a minimum of five (5) up to ten (10) working days to consider his or her future at Mississippi State University.

  • Upon returning to work, the supervisor and employee meet to discuss the employee's decision.
  • The employee who decides to stay does so with a definite commitment to change his or her performance to meet all requirements associated with the job.

Involuntary Separation

The employee who does not meet his or her commitment to meet all requirements associated with the job may face involuntary separation.

Prior to initiation of any action related to involuntary separation, the supervisor must contact the Human Resources Generalist assigned to the department. Involuntary separation requires review by the Human Resources Director and General Counsel and approval through the appropriate administrative channels.

The Human Resources Generalist will consult with the supervisor regarding the appropriate procedures and documents.