Anti-Bullying Resources

Workplace bullying is misconduct and is a violation of university policy 60.401, Guidelines for Employee Conduct.

Workplace bullying is defined in this policy as:

Repeated mistreatment in the workplace; abusive conduct that is threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, work sabotage, or verbal abuse. Cyberbullying is included in this definition.

As with any type of employee misconduct, resources are available to report the issues. The misconduct may be reported through the employee's administrative chain of command for investigation. Misconduct may also be reported to Human Resources Business Partner.

Additional dispute resolution resources

Administration of Disputes

Anti-Bullying Training

Located in ourĀ Learning Library, this course provides an overview of what bullying is, what bullying looks like, how bullying affects the individual and the university, and how to respond to bullying.

Once you enter your NetId and NetPassword, mouse over "My Community" and click on "Learning Library". The title of the eLearning course is "Workplace Incivility, Abrasive & Disruptive Behavior, & Bullying." Click "Learn now" and follow the prompts to learn more about Bullying.