Administration of Disputes

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Disputes involving allegations of sexual harassment and/or any other form of illegal discrimination will be referred to the Director of Diversity and Equity Programs for investigation and resolution under the procedures outlined in the University's policies, Equal Opportunity Statement (OP 03.02) and Harassment Policy and Procedures (OP 03.03).

Disciplinary Action Disputes

Disputes involving requests for a hearing based upon allegations that a person has been harmed by any action that violates State or University policies or that an employee has received disciplinary action other than involuntary separation will be referred to the appropriate Human Resources Business Partner in the Department of Human Resources Management for handling and/or referral.

Final Resolution

If parties to a dispute reach a resolution through mediation, that resolution will be memorialized at the discretion of the parties. A person who has sought to resolve a dispute under this Policy may not present the same dispute again in an attempt to gain a more favorable resolution.


  • Monetary increases, since these are determined by the department head on the basis of availability of funds and employees' performance.
  • Job Assessments, since these are determined by the Mississippi State University Compensation procedure.
  • Involuntary Separation, since the University reserves the right to terminate employment in accordance with the Disciplinary Action Procedure.
  • Human Resources policies of Mississippi State University and the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning.