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All MSU employees – including student workers

Mississippi Workers' Compensation Notice of Coverage

General Information

Workers’ Compensation provides for payment for injuries and loss of time from work when employees, including student workers, become disabled as a result of a job-related illness or injury.

The Workers' Compensation law of Mississippi holds the employer responsible for reporting work related injuries and illnesses within 10 days. Any employer who refuses or neglects to make reports is subject to penalties by the Workers' Compensation Commission.

The following guidelines are provided to ensure timely and proper reporting:

  1. An injured employee must notify the supervisor or other person designated by the employer as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after the injury, excluding weekends.
  2. The injured employee should seek medical treatment, if needed.
  3. The First Report of Injury or Illness Form is required to determine eligibility for benefits. The supervisor should complete the form for any on-the-job injury or illness, even when immediate medical service is not required. Under no circumstances should an injured employee complete this form.
  4. An accident investigation may be conducted for employees who are injured. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) may contact the supervisor of the injured employee to follow up on a workers' compensation claim that is submitted for an employee. You may also contact EHS regarding accident investigation at or 662-325-4607.
  5. MSU's Workers' Compensation claims are administrated by CCMSI. Completed forms should be sent to the Department of Human Resources Management no later than 24 hours following the incident.
  6. If there is an accident, illness, or injury that results in death, serious injury, or injury that requires surgery within 48 hours, or one that involves a third party, the incident must be reported by telephone immediately.

Use of Leave

  1. As mandated by Senate Bill 2977, effective July 1, 2008, an employee's total compensation as a combination of paid leave and indemnity payments must not exceed 100% of regular compensation.
  2. Human Resources Management is responsible for calculating the maximum compensation an employee is eligible to receive for paid leave and will notify the employee's department concerning adjustments to paid leave balances after receiving confirmation of temporary disability payment from the University's worker's compensation administrator.
  3. The entire period of absence due to a work related injury or illness is considered family and medical leave as certified on the medical certification form. As such, Managers, Supervisors, and staff must refrain from direct contact with an employee's physician. Questions should be referred to the Department of Human Resources Management.