Employee Assistance Program June Webinars!

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9th: Green Tips for the Home

This seminar provides an overview of practical actions one can take to reduce our carbon footprint while saving money. In addition to detailing the advantages of using organic and natural products, participants will learn how to increase thermal efficiency and save electricity. The curriculum demystifies many elements of an ecological lifestyle, to start participants on the road to going green in their own lives.

23rd: Clean Living

Clean living is all about cleaning out the toxins in your life. This is a mind/body approach to living a clean and healthy lifestyle. We will discuss what adds toxins to your mind and body and how to eliminate them for good. Some aspects of this seminar will discuss how we can establish a healthier way of eating through whole, real, nutrient-rich food. We’ll also look at how eliminating the processed food, that is a normal part of most people's diets, can help support a clean-living lifestyle. We will discuss toxic products we use in the home, vitamins and supplements and many more areas during this seminar.