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MSU Performance Appraisals

Three Steps of Performance Appraisal Process:

  1. Planning should take place in January/February.
  2. Coaching and Feedback occur throughout the performance year.
  3. The review is completed in December or January and submitted to Human Resources Management by April 30. Only the Performance Appraisal form is required to be submitted to HRM in April following the completion of the performance year.



Note: The Excel files will calculate the weighted goals and competencies ratings, as well as the overall rating. You may receive an error message reading, "Macros in this workbook are disabled because the security level is high and the macros have not been digitally signed or verified as safe..." Click OK. Disabling the macros does not affect the functioning of the workbook.

Staff Appraisal Forms
Academic Affairs Performance Appraisal (Web)
Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary Medicine Performance Appraisal (Web)
Athletics Performance Appraisal (Web)
Budget and Planning Performance Appraisal (Web)
Campus Services Performance Appraisal (Web)
Development and Alumni Performance Appraisal (Web)
President Performance Appraisal (Web)
Research Performance Appraisal (Web)
Skilled Crafts and Service Maintenance Performance Appraisal (Web)
Student Affairs Performance Appraisal (Web)
Performance Appraisal form in pdf format for handwritten drafts (PDF)
Definitions For Appraisal Forms
Competencies and Behaviors (PDF)
Rating Factors (PDF)
Planning Tools
Employee Action Plan (Word)
Performance Goals Worksheet (PDF)
Self-Appraisal (PDF)
Other Evaluation Forms
Division of Agriculture, Forestry, Veterinary Medicine - Faculty and Research/Extension Associate Evaluation Forms (Web) Related Policy 1
Division of Research - Research Engineers, Research Associates, Research Scientists, and Post-Doctoral Evaluation Forms (Word) Related Policy 2
Division of Research - Progress Toward Promotion, Research Engineers, Research Associates and Research Scientists (Word) Related Policy 3
Division of Research - Application for Promotion, Research Engineers, Research Associates and Research Scientists (Word) Related Policy 4
Division of Research - Research Faculty Evaluation Forms (PDF) Related Policy 5