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6-21-11 - Annual Employment Letters

The Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) has approved the FY 2012 operating budget.

In keeping with our customary practice, letters of pay notification should be prepared and distributed by the individual administrative departments. Two sample form letters are available for your reference. Please go to and search for Annual Employment Letters.

* Sample Letter No. 1 should be distributed to those employees who hold non-contractual exempt positions
* Sample Letter No. 2 should be distributed to employees who hold non-exempt positions

In preparing the letters, please ensure that the official title and correct rate of pay are used. Pay should be expressed as an annual amount for both exempt and non-exempt employees. Any special conditions of employment must be noted in the letter. Sample statements of special conditions are:

1. Statement of funding availability for positions paid from soft funding (externally funded projects):
Continued employment is contingent upon the availability of funding.
2. Statement of funding availability for time-limited positions:
Funding for this position is through a grant/contract from (name of funding agency) for the
period beginning (date) and ending on or before (date). Employment is contingent upon
external funding.
3. Ending date of employment, if temporary or time-limited:
This position is for the period beginning (date) and ending on or before (date).

Copies of letters should be retained in the department. The Department of Human Resources Management will prepare employment contracts for contractual employees according to Board guidelines. Please ensure you review your list of non-contractual employees for additions due to changes regarding employment contracts as stated in Dr. Jerry Gilbert's email to all employees, dated June 21, 2011.

Please feel free to contact your Human Resources Generalist at (662) 325-3713 if you have questions or need additional information.

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