Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program

Mississippi State University is a business associate for Nissan's Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP). This program allows direct, full-time employees to purchase Nissan and Infiniti vehicles at pre-negotiated discounted prices. Dealers are not required to participate, and all vehicles may not be included in the program. For additional information you may call the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program headquarters at 1-800-299-4753. Please follow the steps below for participation in this program.

  1. Log on to and follow the "Business Associates" link found as a drop down under Get Your VPP Claim ID. On the next screen, you will be asked for your "VPP Company Code." Mississippi State University's VPP Company Code is: VPP003036. After entering MSU's VPP Company Code, click continue and follow the instructions.
  2. When you are ready to purchase a vehicle, take your claim number and proof of employment (MSU ID card or check stub) to the Nissan dealership.
  3. The dealer will calculate the VPP purchase price for the vehicle selected.
  4. VPP claims expire in 45 days.