FLSA Frequently Asked Questions


How do the updated regulations impact benefits, including leave, insurance, and retirement?


Do these changes apply to all employees who make less than $47,476 a year or $913 a week?

Do these changes apply to employees working less than 1.0 FTE (part-time) and Rehired Retirees?

Do these changes apply to students?

Will the titles change for positions moving from exempt to non-exempt?

How many MSU employees are subject to the updated FLSA regulations?

Will the 2016 FLSA regulations impact the number of hours the newly classified non-exempt employees work per week?

Can the newly classified non-exempt employees still travel for work and/or attend professional conferences?

In addition to their primary job at MSU, can newly classified non-exempt employees work a second job within another MSU department?

When is overtime paid to non-exempt employees at MSU?

Can employees work beyond their regularly scheduled hours or perform work at home without prior approval?

Can Non-exempt employees volunteer to work more than forty (40) hours in a workweek and choose not to be compensated?

Can Non-exempt employees report to work early and stay late?

Can an employee work through lunch and then leave early to avoid taking leave?

Can Non-exempt employees work through lunch and count that as overtime?

Supervisors/Scheduling Overtime

Are supervisors responsible for making sure non-exempt employees keep up with the timekeeping requirements and are paid for overtime hours?

What can a supervisor do if an employee consistently works overtime (including work from home) without prior approval?

What happens if the job requires consistent overtime to meet deadlines?